Hi. I'm Tai, but you can also call me Kacher.
I'm a designer, a manager by trade, and I'm going to be an entrepreneur by my fashion passion.

I started my clothing brand with my first graphic T-shirt, designed with love and memories by my dad and me. Then I realized that if you make something with love, their quality will always be high.

We focus on the form and quality of each item. Every single design on a graphic T-shirt is exclusive in collaboration with well-known visual artists.

At Kacherclothing, you won't see many items. Still, each item has its own story, and these items are all made with the highest possible quality.

We currently have two warehouses, one in California, United States and one in Saigon, Vietnam. All products are made in Vietnam.

Orders from United States and International orders are shipped from California.
Internal orders in Vietnam will be dispatched from Saigon Vietnam.

If you want to know more about my business or have a collaboration with Kacherclothing, reach me at support@kacherclothing.com.